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Rise Mama rise Shedding. Image by Sebastian Spindler on unsplash.com

Shedding – The wisdom of the snake

Snake feels no pain as it sheds the layers of it’s life that no longer serve it. There is just a knowing that it must naturally happen to grow and thrive. Physical layers of their being are seamlessly slithered from, when the time is right. It can never be forced or faked. It’s authentic growth. […]

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This could be the worst decision of my life

It really could be, the worst decision of my life. But, I get the feeling it’s not. I don’t often speak about my journey as a special needs mama. That’s mostly because I don’t think of myself as one. Orrr I have spectacular denial. Lately, I have realized that the latter is very true. This is […]

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Perhaps Love

Perhaps love is like a resting place a shelter from the storm – John Denver and Placido Domingo   I was listening to a bunch of tracks the other day that brought back so many childhood memories. If you know me at all, you’ll likely know I usually avoid that kind of trip. But I […]

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Rise Mama rise no one owes you shit Blog post. Image by: Glenn Carstens sourced on unsplash.com


Having a bad day? Happens. Sucks. Sorry about that. But, it’s yours and I don’t necessarily want to experience the day you are having.   Most folks can get up of a day and decide to make the best of it. And they go about their daily, although it might not be awesome, in fact, […]

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Rise Mama Rise In the know blog post. Image: Arthur Ogleznev on unsplash.com

“In the know”

Being “In the know” doesn’t make you knowledgeable. – I’ll explain It’s an odd phenomenon, social media. I understand and tolerate it’s essence less as time passes. Slowly peeling away from its hedonistic clutches. It NEEDS us to engage, to lust, to seek excess, to wish and to mostly see fault with everything we DO have, in […]

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Rise Mama Rise - Who's in my bra!? - Image by Sharon McCutchoen on unsplash.com

Who’s in my bra!? – and why.

WHO THE HELL IS IN MY BRA?! Well, perhaps unsurprisingly just my boobs, mostly. Occasionally Luke’s hand, but more often than not, there are some pretty powerful lil’ visitors in there too. Wanna know more? Sure you do, else you’d have shut this window by now. Some History I implicitly believe that the natural products […]

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Rise Mama Rise Libra New Moon Ritual Stones

Libra New Moon Ritual Stones

Libra New Moon. An excerpt from Mystic Mamma, who has a truly beautiful Instagram feed filled with magnificent artwork and incredible wisdoms. – She can be found at mysticmamma.com or @mysticmamma    *NEW MOON* in Libra asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. It’s been a time of unearthing, […]

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Security vs Vunerabilty

Security. Odd word. Means different things to different people. Perhaps relationships, or fiscal, or employment. For me historically, its meant: unobtainable. Given I had a rocky start to my trust base in humanity, security has been the cornerstone of where I have placed my focus. As a younger person, my peers all strived and longed […]

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Rise mama Rise - maven and mentor blog post.

Mentor and Maven – The power of sisterhood

What a gift it is to have a real live mentor. It’s so rare that we find a true connection, respect and the deep-rooted sisterhood so many of us seek, that when we do, we often are slow to realize it’s utter magnificence for quite some time. But that’s ok, because things that are meant […]

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rise mama rise - do you like pina coladas - blog header

Do you like Pina Coladas?

  Marriage. Such a strange concept. Still. Even though this is our sixth year of being bound in holy matrimony. Just the words alone sound scary as fuck. Bound. Holy matrimony. Til death do us part… Sheez man. Any chance we can lighten this a little? We did. Have. But MAN ALIVE has it been […]

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