Libra New Moon Ritual Stones

Libra New Moon.

An excerpt from Mystic Mamma, who has a truly beautiful Instagram feed filled with magnificent artwork and incredible wisdoms.

– She can be found at or @mysticmamma 


*NEW MOON* in Libra asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. It’s been a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling. There has been much upheaval as Truth rises to be acknowledged.


We find ourselves in a world of intense emotions right now. You need only cast your eye near any media source currently to know that our species appears to be on the brink of something more immense than we have faced in many, many moons.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and possibly even negative currently. Which is why I have chosen the stones and crystals I have for my New Moon Ritual this New moon. All of which bolsters my inner, by protecting me from negativity, while gently supporting my self-love, and helping to steer clear of the drama and energy that is whipping around us constantly.


My “five for no fighting” looks like this:


Very healing. Which is much needed to sooth many of us who are feeling triggered and vulnerable at this time. Amethyst also aids with spiritual development and keeping our focus in the right direction. Setting intentions with Amethyst as my guide always helps me to work to my highest purpose.

Tigers Eye

Not a stone I work with enough, and a very powerful stone when looking for protection against negative energy. It helps to fight against toxic vibrations, which I have decided I will need this new moon. Keeping myself focused on what is meant for me is often skewed by outside negativity that I’m easily taken by. My trusty Tiger’s Eye keeps me from entertaining drama and shit and stay on track. I feel like this baby will be living in my bra for the next while.

Smokey Quartz

Another brilliant crystal when looking to rid your space of negative energy. I’ve doubled up my crystal armor against negativity this New moon, as Venus just went Retrograde, and it will be easier to engage in combat situations, that arise from negative energy way more easily while she is on her six-week sabbatical.  Smokey Quartz is also known as a “Master Stone”. It is able to amplify the energies of all other stones and crystals in its vicinity. Another bra recruit for me, for sure.

Rose Quartz

One of my most favorite stones to work with. Especially at this time when we need to focus on love like never before. Rose Quartz is all about love. And setting intentions with her in my space always ensures I’ll be doing it with a full, open heart. It’s a great crystal to keep with you at all times right now. We need to keep acting from a place of love. And believing deeply in its power. Rose Quartz promotes self-love, and as we cannot truly love another until we learn to love ourselves, it’s every reason to keep a piece close. Full-time bra resident this one.


Again, not a stone I work with very often, but one I should. It’s intensely powerful for healing and emits very positive vibrations. It speaks to the heart Chakra and again, connection with the heart right now, for me, is paramount. Jade is a great protector of the feminine, and also promotes fertility (nor for me, lol) and stability (very much for me) Jade is known as the stone of the Goddess of love, Compassion and Forgiveness in Chinese culture (Mother Kwan Yin). Something I know I need to infuse through every cell of my being.


These are most likely not the stones you will see on more popular SM feeds today, but I’m totally ok with being a bit off center. These are MY choices for what my constitution needs this new moon, not necessarily what anyone else may have chosen. I never share with the intent of having anyone do as I say, merely to just open my spiritual and metaphysical path and perhaps create dialog or a stepping stone of interest for others.

As you set your intentions with this Libra New Moon, I wish you the sweet embrace of self-love, the gentle touch of true connection and the peace of knowing you can manifest your intentions.


With love and respect







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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this.

    1. It’s such a huge pleasure! So glad you felt you could connect with it

  2. Thank you Tracey! Definitely need to start looking at my crystal collection

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