Mentor and Maven – The power of sisterhood

What a gift it is to have a real live mentor.

It’s so rare that we find a true connection, respect and the deep-rooted sisterhood so many of us seek, that when we do, we often are slow to realize it’s utter magnificence for quite some time. But that’s ok, because things that are meant to grow and evolve, don’t do so quickly. It’s a process.

There’s no rushing soul connections. There is no rushing wisdom. And there’s no need to rush life.

You will see that an entire section of this website is devoted to the Body and Mind tracker, a simple, visual tool I put together, that helps you to track both your physical and mental wellbeing, within the scope of both moon and Astro phases.

It came into being because of the incredible impact of two phenomenal womxn, who I have had the honor of learning from in the last few years of my journey. Not one but TWO live mentors. Guides. Sisters.

My gratitude for my entire journey is so profound. But these two beings have been so pivotal in me placing my feet on the right path, after wondering the wrong ones for most of my life.




Allow me to share with you two of my Mentors and Mavens

The premise for the tracker is to track your well-being (mental and physical) in relation to both the moon phases and the Astrological cycles we all flow within.

So how did you learn to do that? You may ask.


Enter Claire. Cosmic lifestyle coach. Drinker of coffee. Maker of killer cosmic workouts (suited to your PERSONAL ASTRO) and all-round knower of stuff that happens in the skies. 

Claire is not JUST about “simple or even complex Astro” She’s about SO much more. As mentioned above, she is the genius behind using Astro to stay healthy and she creates workouts (hence, the BODY astrologer) literally, for you, one on one, or you can access generic ones up on her site, that allow you to push yourself to optimum health, based on her astounding Astro knowledge. Astro as a lifestyle. It’s friggin amazing!

Admittedly my Astro knowledge is still scant, to say the least, shocking I know, BUT, I’m working on changing that because ASTRO fascinates me and I NEEEEED to know more.

Also, Claire makes it hard not to TOTALLY fall in love with wanting to understand the effects that Astro has on our earthbound bodies.

SO… I’m suggesting you make sure you follow her on IG, here: @thebodyastrologer.

I can attest to the fact that her IG Stories have me spitting my coffee often. Orrrr, you can go to her site, see her various awesome offerings, and read through her fascinating blog posts.

You can find her here:

Anyway, due to being able to do a wellness course under Claire’s guidance two years ago, I learned to track my body. I learned when my higher and lower points were in the moon cycle. I also learned under which Astral signs my body reacts in certain ways.

But, why would you?

Well…I’ll tell ya.

Because I now know when I should ease off. I also know when I can push myself. I can most often with full accuracy, plan for events in my life and know that I will have the physical drive and energy to accomplish, and not feel wiped out or totally overwhelmed (something as an empathic and softer soul, I need to manage well to keep on an even keel)

I have also learned when to be kind to my body, what foods to nourish it with to help with the effects of various kinds of Astro drag as they happen (all learned from Claire’s blog, IG feed and stories over the last two years).

I cannot tell you how helpful this was during this INSANE Eclipse window we have all just crawled out of!

I have learned, via tracking that I am so very susceptible to all that is above us, that I have finally begun to accept the idea that:


Pretty crazy huh?

But its changed ERRATHANG. Literally.

I’ve learned to watch my body. See where it feels less powerful. Learn to give it empathy and caring. Learned to hold space for my mind when needed, to allow myself to just be. And mostly, to respect it. The first step to self-love. And for me, that is HUUUUGE.

And how I earned to give a shit enough to take in Claire’s incredible teachings?

Enter Stephanie Cotton. Caffeinated Gypsy. Coach. Guide. Psychology Major, Fitness Devotee, Crystal Healer, Massage Therapist, Womb Healing Advocate, Homeschooling mama, and all round damn incredible human being.

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend one of Steph’s Womb Healing 101 courses and it L.I.T.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y changed my life.


I had to get to the center of both myself and my hurt to grapple with it and lay down the burden I was carrying so that I could begin living, and let go of just surviving. Steph as there, one day at a time, urging me on and giving me the support and strength I needed to push through the most insane shadow work I could ever have imagined tackling.

Not for a second did I think I could cope.

And yet, I somehow found the will to trust. There was a strange bond, a pull… that little voice. Intuition said, “Steph’s got you”. And she did.

And I still live in awe of her adaptable, fierce, yet loving, direct and juicy nature.

I’m crazy proud to tell you that Steph is in the throes of launching a book she has written about Chakras.(My heart! I cannot get enough of learning about these insanely amazing energy centers)

It’s called Light it up! It’s a 28-week journey of discovery into your Chakras.

I literally SQUEALED when I saw her post her first copy on IG the other day.

Someday (hopefully soon ) I will get to walk through its pages and journey through my Chakras with her guidance. I’m 100% certain it will, once again be life-changing for me.

You can find Steph online here

AND, you can give her a follow on IG here: @caffeinatedgypsy 


These are womxn I live in awe of. Yes, they are “just like you and I”… but also, not. In a way, I can’t quite explain. But may not need to. Because if you feel drawn to them, you will seek them out, and find their magick for yourselves.

I just know that I am grateful for them in my life. That I love and respect each, as a unique and beautiful gem in the path of my journey, and hold them close.

Like sisters.

Because sisterhood is sacred. And so are they.



With Love and respect





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