Shedding – The wisdom of the snake

Snake feels no pain as it sheds the layers of it’s life that no longer serve it.

There is just a knowing that it must naturally happen to grow and thrive.

Physical layers of their being are seamlessly slithered from, when the time is right.

It can never be forced or faked.

It’s authentic growth.

Humans, despite all their wisdom agonise through shedding, not live tissue even, but merely layers of naratives they have built.


Just like snake’s scaly skin, they have protected us, these stories. To pass through sharp and uncomfortable spaces, undeterred.

But when it comes time to grow beyond, and shed them, we find ways to justify doggedly clinging to them, fighting and denying the natural slough of the dead flesh of our experiences.

How simply, quickly and painlessly snake just let’s go.

It has more life to seek.

Instinct, intuition. These drive snake to release and move on. No sentimentality, guilt or worry that will hinder it’s progress.

Snake has no EGO. No social agenda.

Just heart, soul and a wisdom in it’s gut it trusts.

Snakes wisdom is the Earth, is time, is life.

And trusting that, is everything is as it should be.

We have so much to learn.

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