About me

Tracey Preston


My name is Tracey Preston,

I’m a sea-souled creature, living in a big ol’ landlocked city, on the feisty side of 40!

I’m married to an incredible human being who I have learned to deeply respect and love, and I’m also a mama to three spectacularly different and beautiful children

I am just awakening to what it is for me to be a WOMAN. 


“But you ARE a woman?!”


I hear you say… Well, I fit the descriptor, sure. But don’t feel like its something that just HAPPENS to someone. It’s not a default setting. It’s been a very conscious decision for me. 

This blog and site is a simple space to express my experiences and thoughts on my ‘journey to womanhood”… yup, I’m headed there, slowly, carefully, gently. 

So join me as I empty my head, heart, and sometimes soul into these pages with as much love and respect as I can for my process. Learning self-love and respect is, in itself a process.


This is a visceral journey.


My journey. It includes real stuff, gritty bits, emotional nudity, physical exploration, finding my sensuality (post abuse trauma and four babies), digging deep into the “how am I even a parent?!”  moments, and the odd post about needing to eat kale, because… well… I’m not sure, but it may happen, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

No holds barred truths and my usual lack of politeness filters (for those of you who have read my writing before).


Sooooo,  before you hit that “blog” button and choose to walk my journey with me, here are a few things worth noting;

  1. If you don’t like swearing, you should leave now. I’m sweary as fuck.

  2. If you can’t handle chatting about vagina’s, orgasms and the odd blow job, learning about dildos, holding together a sex life with a horde of kids…now’s your cue to exit, because I’m finally comfortable with it and don’t hold back. 

  3. If you don’t feel you can’t be open to witness my spiritual journey without needing to “save” me, lets part way now with respect. 

  4. If you feel compelled to tell folks how to live their lives, parent, partner, work, this is when we say farewell.

  5. If you feel you need to impress your opinion on me, versus sharing it, I’m already waving you adios.


However, if you are up for fun, raw and a REAL exploration of self, spirit, open-minded exchange, and have the capacity to grow, then please, stay, share, and do all of the above with me.


I’d truly love that. 


See you on the flip side of that ‘blog’ tab up there…


With love and respect