Who’s in my bra!? – and why.


Well, perhaps unsurprisingly just my boobs, mostly.

Occasionally Luke’s hand, but more often than not, there are some pretty powerful lil’ visitors in there too.

Wanna know more? Sure you do, else you’d have shut this window by now.

Some History

I implicitly believe that the natural products of our earth, have immense power. They not only carry the genetics of the universe but have been growing in body, strength, and vibration in some cases for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. How could these precious gifts not be loaded with goodness, and why shouldn’t we access it?

Thankfully, I have had a lifetime to take in and appreciate their wonder and will continue in awe, each day as I go.

I was raised with grandparents who owned small mines and who were thankfully really knowledgeable on the Mother Earth’s minerals. My Grandpa had all the facts down (not an ounce of woowoo in his precious soul), and my Gran (one zillion percent woowoo) used to trawl through her stones, with her hand out over them, gently feeling their enegry, after her morning meditation picking her daily protectors to pop into her bra.

And so, it just became natural to me that that was a pretty logical thing to do every day. And so, I still do.


Ok, enough with the rambling, you’re here to absorb a little info about stones, so let’s get to it!

Guess who’s in my bra right now?!?

Common, guess….

I’m pretty sure you ran through at the very least – Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Crystal, am I right?


If so, you’d have gotten both of my lingerie lingerers for the day.


Rose Quartz:

Here’s why:

• It soothes – I’ve felt triggered and on edge on and off  for weeks, and this helps, specially in meditation.

• Clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment – Literally, who among us can say we don’t need a daily dose of this?

• Promotes forgiveness – As I am digging deep in my Root Chakra right now, this is hugely beneficial when having to look back at some of the “why’s” and “how’s” of understanding your behavior, based on past experience, and then owning it, and forgiving yourself and others.

• It’s pure love – Which keeps my Heart Chakra nourished while I’m more focused on my Root Chakra right now. Also, Mama Venus being on her six-week Retrograde vaycay is leaving me feeling ALL the feels, and as if I have little or no coping mechanisms to swim through the tidal wave of emo life reckonings and flashbacks. So my Rose quartz is staying jammed in my DD’s for the next long while.



Here’s why:

• It’s great for Anxiety – If you know me this needs no further explanation, but for educational purposes, I’ll say that it WORKS. EVERY time.

Balances the Heart Chakra – Because having THAT go out of whack would be very crap, again, Mama Venus isn’t here to help pick up the pieces of a mangled heart right now, so caution is key. Actually, it’s I find its great for balancing all Chakra’s, but very reassuring to know that while I’m digging in my Root Chakra, I’m keeping the others balanced and as clear as I can.

• Very high spiritual vibration – this is a stone that is never far from me, to be honest. I have it dotted all over the house. As I journey, I often feel like I need to be supported. This baby does that and so much more.

• Cell regeneration/healing – On a surface level, it has worked wonders in my life. From skin problems to scar reduction. Gently apply this baby to the wounded area regularly (that is the key, crystal healing isn’t some one-off lightning bolt maneuver) and you will see results.

So there you have it. My lingerie lingerers for today. Remember, these can and do apply to any day really. Also, know that the properties I happen to be using them for today may only be a smidgen of their capabilities. Take the time to look them up and learn more about their incredible properties and powers.


I’ll catch you again soon and we can empty out my DD’s and learn some more.


With love and respect









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2 thoughts on “Who’s in my bra!? – and why.

  1. Love this idea, but one question isn’t it uncomfortable?
    Also do you prefer using raw crystals or tumbles? Which carry more energy?

    1. I’ll do a post on various shapes and the difference between tumbled stones and raw stones, energy-wise Gillian, As it’s a great question! For now, I would just suggest using tumbled stones when close to the skin. But if you feel drawn to use a more angular or sharper piece, just wrap it in thin cloth/fabric or even tissue, to protect your skin. Crystal energy isn’t stopped or slowed by fabrics. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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